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The Crafty Maid’s Policy

Come listen awhile and I’ll sing you a song
Of three merry gentlemen riding along.
They met a fair maid, unto her did say,
“We’ll afraid this cold morning will do you some harm.”

“Oh no, kind sir,“ said the maid, “You’re mistaken
To think this cold morning will do me some harm.
There’s one thing I crave that lies twixt your legs;
If you give me that, it will keep me warm.”

“Then since you do crave it, my dear, you shall have it,
If you’ll come with me to yonder green tree.
Then since you do crave it, my dear, you shall have it,
I’ll make these two gentlemen witness to be.”

So the gentlemen lighted and straightway she mounted,
And looking the gentlemen hard in the face,
Saying, “You knew not my meaning, you wrong understood me.”
And along she went galloping down the long lane.

“Oh gentlemen, lend me one of your horses,
That I may ride after her down the long lane.
If I overtake her, I’ll warrant I’ll make her
Return unto me my own horse again.”

But soon as this fair maid she saw him a-coming,
She instantly then took a pistol in hand,
Saying, “Doubt not my skill but you I would kill,
I’ll have you stand back or you were a dead man.”

“Oh, why do you spend your time here in talking?
Oh, why do you spend your time here in vain?
Come give her a guinea it’s what she deserves
And I’ll warrant they’ll give you your horse back again.”

“Oh no, kind sir, you’re vastly mistaken,
If it is his loss, well, it is my gain.
And your were a witness that he give it to me.“
And away she went galloping over the plain.


As I Was A-riding - The Crafty Maids Policy
As I Was A-riding